Fond of the music scenes derivated from the krautrock (post-punk, cold-wave, industrial music...), Vincent K. started his own music activities in 2000 as a member of the Rat Mort, a group of maverick DJ's active between 2000 and 2003 and famous for their uncompromising sets.

Soon, Vincent starts making music himself, plays a short time in the darkwave band Cyanhide as a bass player before joining late 2001 a new forming band, No Tears and participates to the albums Borderline (2004), Obsessions (2008), and Live Vision (2016).

Vincent leaves No Tears late 2009, having some unreleased works, he publishes them under the name The Disease and starts working on new material and plays live since 2011.

Aside The Disease, Vincent is full member of Babel 17 since 2010, working on the albums "Leviathan" (2013) and "Process" (2017). He also occasionally works with the band Little Nemo (live bass).

The Disease knows a a turning point in 2019, when Vincent starts to work with Léo de St-Germain (lyrics, vocals). After a break due to the Covid crisis, the duo returns onstage and records a mini-album released in february 2023.